Monica Floeck

Certified Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor

Founder, mohealth

Monica has a passion for health and wellness and a belief that, with Ayurveda, anyone can discover their true, healthiest, vibrant self through mind, body and spirit balance.

Her journey to Ayurveda began when she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease 20 years ago and found the recommended “treatment” fell short of expectations. Rather than focusing on overall health and well-being, treatment addressed only acute symptoms, which often recurred. Through years of research, education, and self-experimentation she gathered a vast pool of knowledge about health, nutrition and wellness and found the principles of Ayurveda accomplish what most other health and wellness protocols lack in that Ayurveda focuses on each person as an individual and addresses a whole person’s well-being. Combining these principles with the knowledge she gathered over the years, she was able to find her best balanced self and take control over her own health.

Wanting to share what she had learned and help others take ownership of their health and feel their best eventually led to a career change and she began studying at Kerala Ayurveda Academy, one of the premiere Ayurvedic institutions in the US. Once she received her certification, she founded mohealth with the goal of applying Ayurvedic principles to our modern world of health and wellness to help people take control of their health, feel their best, look their best, prevent illness and live a balanced, happy and healthy life.

In a past career life, Monica practiced as an attorney. She graduated from Tulane School of Law with a JD, Tulane School of Public Health with an MHA and Bridgewater University with a BA.

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