Skincare Inspired by Ayurveda

Have glowing healthy skin with products carefully developed using Ayurvedic principles and crafted from all natural, organic plant based, skin nourishing ingredients.

How moskin Products Give You Healthy Glowing Skin

According to Ayurveda, everything we take in is absorbed as prana, or life force, to nourish our body and mind. This includes food, water, breath and all sensory impressions. Therefore, the products we put on our skin are absorbed into our body and the scents used in those products are absorbed through our sense of smell. Moskin products were developed based on this principle to ensure that only healthy natural ingredients are absorbed into the body. Your skin receives the nourishment it needs to heal, look and feel smooth and have a healthy glow.

The Story Behind moskin

Moskin was created to provide natural healing products that not only feed your skin but also soothe your dosha. So many skincare products contain toxins, preservatives, chemical fragrance and other unnatural ingredients that harm our body rather than nourish it. After reading the ingredients of hundreds of products and trying to find the right all-natural combination for her skin, mohealth’s founder decided make her own. She researched the best essential oils and moisturizers nature had to offer for specific skin types and combined this with her Ayurvedic knowledge about Doshas. She started creating lotions and scrubs for various skin needs and the Doshas and gifting them to friends and family. The feedback was so positive that she eventually decided to launch moskin to share the products with everyone.

moskin's Ingredients

Moskin uses only all natural, plant based, vegan, nourishing ingredients to feed your skin and soothe your senses. Ingredients come from ethical sources and are 100% pure. There are no waxes, artificial fragrances or chemicals. The ingredients are carefully combined so that each product is specifically suited for the needs of different skin types to ensure that your skin’s needs are met and your skin looks and feels it’s best.

moskin Products

Moskin makes moisturizers and scrubs for healthy, smooth, glowing skin. Moskin body butters are deeply moisturizing, healing, rejuvenating and nourishing and leave skin feeling and looking soft and silky. Moskin body scrubs provide gentle exfoliation that removes dead skin and leaves skin radiant and smooth. Moskin lip balm and scrub deeply moisturize, protect, gently exfoliate, plump and smooth lips. Moskin face care rejuvenates, hydrates and protects skin, is anti-aging and leaves skin glowing.

Learn more about Doshas and moskin body scrubs and body butters to determine which one is right for your skin.

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