In Depth Consultation

If you’re not feeling your best, feeling stressed, tired, sluggish, disconnected or maybe experiencing digestive or skin issues, mohealth can help you take back your health and prevent the development of more serious issues. Identify imbalances based on your Dosha and learn how to find balance, deeper connection to your Self and take control of your health.

Comprehensive Ayurvedic Evaluation

Determine your primary Dosha and indicators of Dosha imbalances including those of the mind, body and spirit. A 60 minute initial consultation will determine your Doshic state and identify imbalances. You will receive lifestyle, diet and herbal recommendations to bring your Dosha back into balance. These will be discussed in a follow-up 30 minute consultation.


Package Option

Include 11 monthly 30 minute follow-up consultations with your Comprehensive Ayurvedic Evaluation to allow for adjustments to your recommendations as needed with progress, to address any future imbalances, life changes, seasonal changes and holiday splurges. Updated recommendations are provide as needed with each consultation. 


Follow-Up Consultations

One 30 minute follow-up consultation pay as you go – $150 each

Commit to 11 monthly 30 minute follow-up consultations and pay monthly – $125 per month


If pricing is an issue, please contact mohealth and we will work with you to find a suitable solution.

Your health and well-being are important.